No Solutions

Now hear this! Alcohol offers no solutions to the problems
it creates. I need to pass that along one more
time. Alcohol offers NO solutions to the problems it
creates! The first time I drank, alcohol could do little
to help me overcome my lightheadedness or nausea.
A year after that first drink, alcohol could not stop me
from drinking heavy every weekend.

At the age of eighteen, alcohol turned its back on me
as I was arrested for drunk driving, running a red light
and leaving the scene of an accident. And a year later
when I was being kicked out of the military after just
fourteen months of service, alcohol offered me no
solution, and left me alone to roam the streets. Alcohol
then coaxed me into making it the most important
thing in my life, for the next ten years.

When I turned twenty-eight I was broke and emotionally
beaten, but I had alcohol and nobody was going
to come between us. At age thirty I got my driver’s
license back and bought a car. For the next four years
alcohol allowed me to drive drunk over a thousand
times. Many of those times I was blacked out.

Then one night alcohol and I were together doing our
thing when we were abruptly interrupted. Before I
knew what was happening I had yet another drunk
driving charge. Once again you were not there to offer
me any solutions. And in the end you turned me into a
walking pile of nerves and buried emotions. You took
me away from anyone I had ever loved.

You controlled me for over two decades and then you
abandoned me as quickly as you came into my life.
How was I supposed to live without you? Where were
the solutions to the multitude of problems you had
created? There were times that taking my life seemed
to be the only way out.

Oh dear alcohol, your thoughts and prayers have been
absent. My health is amusing to you. My friends and
family do not exist as far as you are concerned. My
finances are a train wreck and you badger me to continue
spending in your name.

But through the Grace of God I found out there were
many others like me, hundreds, thousands and even
more than that. We would put aside our difficulties
and differences and meet as one. We all crossed paths
with you and were abandoned without solutions to the
many problems you create.

We seek honesty and truth. We meditate and pray. We
exhibit willingness beyond comprehension. We seek
to heal by placing our focus on others and off of ourselves.
We live alcohol free and therefore we always
have the solutions to overcome the problems of daily

I now turn my back on you and open myself up to
a better way of living. I am humbled and overjoyed
and my desire for you is completely diminished. I give
myself to others and in return I receive more than I ever
could have imagined. I am no longer blind and you are
no longer my solution.