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q&a about nourishing the mind and body

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What’s one thing I can do to manage my stress level without pharmaceuticals?

Meditation is an effective stress-reliever. Meditation can be done anywhere. In stressful circumstances, a five-minute mediation can clear your mind of overwhelming conflicts in the to-do list—allowing you to prioritize tasks with peace. A five-minute mediation can lower your blood-pressure, improve your mood, enable you to focus, and help you feel refreshed. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you need 20 minutes to block out of your busy schedule. Even people with extensive experience in meditation know that five-minutes of mindful meditation can have a significant impact on a person’s day: elevated mood, lower blood pressure, grounding, focus (and more). At any point in your stressful situation, you can close your eyes and clear your mind with zero preparation (well, maybe not when you’re driving or operating heavy machinery).

Every day, around 2:00 in the afternoon, I get so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. I’m trying to give up energy drinks and sugar, but I need to function at my job. Am I doomed to the energydrink to get me through the day? Energy drinks are cram-packed with stimulants (caffine and sugars). Natural energy comes from real food. If you’ve been consuming these drinks for a while, there may be some adjustment period, but within a couple weeks, you’ll notice that you’re not crashing as hard. It’s also important to note that a diet heavy in sugar/carbohydrates at lunch will trigger a crash a couple hours after consumption.


Avoidance: Don’t eat a carbheavy lunch in the middle fo the day – this will help avoid the energy crash.

Energy Alternatives: Hand-full of trail mix (nuts and dried berries) or a medium red apple (same effect as a cup of coffee), or for people restricted from sugar (including fruit) try hummus with carrots and/or celery.

It may take several days of consistent adherence to these suggestions to notice results, but persistence pays off… don’t give up until the miracle happens.

What’s the big deal with essential oils, and how can I chose the right ones for me?

Essential oils quite simply are the “oil of” the plant from which they were extracted. There are allot of oils on the market these days; many simply carry the scent or aroma of the plant they represent. If every ingredient on the product you’re considering isn’t specifically named (and understood), you should think twice. Plants are nature’s most natural medicines. With essential oils, we are able to have the essence of these plants without having a private garden. Please be sure that the oils you’re using actually contain the essence of nature and do your research.

Mauvis Miller is the founder and CEO of iNourish Mind and Body Center in Vista, CA. She is Alternative Health Practitioner. Specializing in nourishing the mind body and spirit using mediation, yoga and plant based meals in a holistic manner. www.iNourish.Life

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